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Student Support

Canvas Student Support Materials

During the coming months the Division of IT Learning Technologies staff will be developing documentation, video tutorials and other training materials for University of Maryland faculty and students.  At this time we would like to share the following materials, some of which have been created by Instructure or colleagues at other institutions, in order to get you started.

Getting Started

These documents will help you get the hang of Canvas.

Get Started with Quick Guides
Quick Guide: Why Can't I See My Course?
Quick Guide: How to Set Up Student Notification Preferences
Quick Guide: How to Communicate With Your Instructor
More Quick Guides...


Student thumbs upMore Documentation

Comparing Canvas and Blackboard

Getting Oriented to Canvas

Canvas Features Cheat Sheet
Our colleagues at Mary Washington University created this 2-page overview of Canvas features when they adopted Canvas as their learning platform a year ago.

Buck County Community College
This public course space was developed to introduce students to the Canvas environment, communication strategies, and tools, all the while introducing them to the concept of learning through Canvas modules.

Howard Community College 
This public course space provides a video tour of Canvas and then brief, more targeted documentation and videos on student-oriented tasks such as submitting assignments, taking a quiz, checking grades, etc.


Student Orientation Guide
Edison College has created a public course space to orient students to Canvas (it’s instructive for teachers, too)